few voices heard

Long ago in England lived a young boy in a village Bibury, Cotswold. The boy name is Herald used to love singing. The village loved his voice as he sing everyone gathering old, young and his parents admire his beauty cheering as he sings.


Word's reached far and wide even neighboring kingdom invited him to a festival to entertain guest. Herald filled with fame was generous giving gifts that's food, gold and clothes to poor because he always thank Almighty God for giving him gift of voice to feed his parents and making him famous through singing. Herald received several invitations far and wide through singing. Herald voice will make you filled with hope and ease.


Herald was invited to join a choir as a lead singer in one of many kingdoms. Many attended music festival because of this young talented boy know as Herald. Herald parents became rich and famous.


Herald despite of his fame: he helped his parents on the farm everyday early dawn, cleaning house, milking cow, feeding pigs, attending to horses and washing clothes.


One day on farm as usual an unfortunately happen Herald was bitten by a poisonous snake, cried aloud till water came out from a rock in one of the kingdom. All the thoughts ran in his mind knowing he is dying. The thought were filled with disappointment as a lead singer fame, gifts, gold and food for his parents.


Herald died and his body turned to a huge tree. 


Herald meet Almighty God and requested that he should return back to his parents and attend music festival one last time for his choir. Almighty God responds he would see and hear voices from music festival but not return back to his parents.


Day reached for music festival as many from far and wide attended in honor for Herald. Herald was called by Almighty God to see and hear voices from music festival. Herald only heard 2 voices from many choirs and asked why am l hearing 2 voices out of many.  Almighty God responds that 2 voices are genie while the rest are for fame. Herald choir came up and many cheered in honor of the boy but when they sang Herald could hear 5 voices from 15 in number. Herald asked Almighty God why could hear 5 voices from this choir I joined as lead singer. God Almighty response that 5 voices including you as lead singer could be heard in heaven many could dance and cheer for you. Almighty God responds that despite fame you feed the poor and helped your parents.


Herald gifted with beauty and voice filled with fame and riches far and wide helped his parents and fed the poor.


We should always worship Almighty God, feed the poor and help your parents despite fame and riches. 

Franklin Ogola [-cartcount]